Web site update: a few quick fixes

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Keeping your web site current is one of those tasks that easily slips in the cracks. With more pressing demands of running a business, sitting down to review and update your website content can be one of those items perpetually on your to-do list.  But it’s also a problem that can be quickly alleviated; even small changes can give your site a fresh look and generate new interest.

Here are some quick ways to get a quick website refresh:

  1. Take a trim. In today’s world of quick social media updates, people long for short, to-the-point information. Take a look at some of those lengthy blocks of text: can you say the same thing in fewer words?
  2. Make a list. Similar to the previous point, lists are quick and welcoming. See if you can turn some information into a list; it’s eye-easy for the online reader, and much more likely to catch someone’s eye.
  3. Remove the bling. A mixture of different fonts, sizes and colors can give your site an unprofessional appearance. Simplify.
  4. Insert one new thing. Don’t know where to begin? Your business must have something new – a new product or service, an employee achievement, company news – so start there. Write a quick update, get it out there, and try to make that a regular habit.
  5. Add more visuals. Insert some pictures, an infographic, or any other visual material to break up text and quickly convey your message. If you have places on your site you’ve been meaning to add more information, try using visuals instead of text.
  6. Insert some blank space. That’s right – a cluttered, jam-packed web site can cause readers to run away, but carefully placed white space adds breathing room and makes your page less overwhelming.

Updating your site doesn’t have to be always require a complete overhaul – some simple changes can go a long way keeping your design current and fresh.