Need a new way to reach your customers?

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles
Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

If you’ve been looking for a way to expend the reach of your business, releasing a video will put you in front of a huge audience. As the second largest search engine, YouTube has over a billion users – that’s almost 1/3 of all people who use the Internet. It’s popularity extends world wide: 80% of views are outside of U.S.

From local viewers doing some research before stopping in, to long-distance customers interested in mail order or remote services, you can’t go wrong getting some information about your business on this vast network.

Think of a video as you would a blog. What topics are your customers interested in? What knowledge can you share? What questions might lead a customer to you? Similar to blog content, once your video is published, it’s doing marketing for your business, 24/7.

Here are some topic ideas to get you started.

A tour

The information-rich society we live in has created a curious customer. Before they spend money, they want information. What does the business look like? Where does my product come from? How is it made? Where does that person sit when they do their work?

A quick video tour can be just the thing to convince your local customer to step inside, or to assure your long-distance shopper that you are legitimate.

Seasonal advice

It’s hard enough to keep up with the regular chores that need to be done each week. But when things are done infrequently, they’re even more likely to slip people’s minds. Think about it: do you always remember to do your early season lawn care? Did you keep track of everything you need for tax time?

What seasonal issues do your customers face? What problems may occur if they overlook something?

Introduce yourself and your staff

The age-old truth of marketing says that customers prefer to buy from people they know and like. One way to help your customers get to know you is by sharing your story with an online “about me” video. Introduce yourself, along with some of your regular staff, to your viewers. Share what makes you qualified and unique, what skills you bring, and your company’s personality.

Take your customers along on a trip

Are you up at sunrise buying seafood fresh at the pier? Do you frequent antique shows and yard sales to find gems to pass along to your shoppers? Do you attend an annual conference or retreat?

Let your customer come along as an armchair traveler and let them experience of the passion you put into your business.

Help customers out of a jam

People get online when they’re in need of an answer; sometimes when they are pretty desperate for a solution. How do I get gum out of carpet? What’s can I substitute for egg in this recipe? You’ve probably typed a few of those queries into a search engine yourself.

Put your expertise to work solving problems for your customers. What questions, or mishaps, are common to your business? A video that solves a problem is going to make a lasting impression in a viewer’s mind.

If you’ve never made a video for your company, give it a try. It may lead you to a whole new pool of customers.