Don’t overlook your internal audience

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As a business owner, you probably spend much of your time thinking about your customers. But if you have employees, that’s another group of people who benefit from effective communications. A business that provides clear and current internal documentation for their employees is also, in turn, taking steps to keep their customers satisfied.

A recent experience reminded me of the importance of internal communications. I’d taken our dog to the vet, and upon leaving I was told I’d get a follow-up phone call by the end of the day. Hours passed with no call. The next morning, I called them.  The person I spoke with apologized, saying they are training a new employee, who didn’t record my request in their call back log.

Of course, it wasn’t the new employee’s fault. If training materials had been provided to that person, they would have had something to refer to in becoming adept at new procedures.

What type of information could benefit your internal audience? Daily procedures, checklists, employee policies, and written training materials are valuable reference tools to keep daily business operating smoothly. Keep these materials up to date and in a central location, ideally online. Your employees will be happy to have a place to go for answers, and your day to day operations will run without a hitch.

Internal communications are often on the back burner at a company, but without them, confusion and mistakes easily arise.