Four blog shortcuts  to avoid

You know the importance of keeping your blog current. But after a day (or night) of working, you’d probably rather spend your free time walking the dog or coaching a little league game than park at the computer to write a clever and informative blog post.

Here are five common shortcuts people tend to reach for when pressed for blog content:

  • Pull from your personal life: If you blog about landscaping, don’t insert a random post about the great new diet you’re trying. You think it’s interesting, but your loyal readers will be puzzled at the interruption.
  • Offer excuses. Don’t waste a back apologizing for a shorter-than-usual post, or offering an explanation about how busy you are. Make every post count.
  • Make lofty promises. It’s easy to promise an exciting topic for next time, but if you do so, make sure it’s a sure thing. Don’t build anticipation, only to have it linger for weeks without coming to fruition.
  • Don’t publish anything hasty; typos and grammatical mistakes will be a poor reflection on the quality of your business.

It’s a challenge to keep your blog current, but staying ahead of things is a better solution than a last minute scramble. When you have time, write several blog posts, then you have a stockpile at your disposal.