Get your message across with lists

Who doesn’t love a list? One quick glance and the reader easily gets your message, happy that they don’t have to wade through long sentences or dense paragraphs. A list is reassuring, delivering information in its simplest form.

You can use lists to boost your company’s products or services, for example:

  • Things to do, or not to do.
  • Admirable qualities about your product.
  • Problems that can occur without proper use of your product.
  • Checklist of helpful information.

The opportunities are endless. If you want to catch the attention of your busy customers, why not give them a list?

Here’s one to kick things off.

Six ways to present marketing information with a list

  1. Teach by example; for example: “Top five problems that occur when you don’t service your air conditioner each spring.”
  2. Boast about your products; for example: “Why our gizmo is faster/better/cheaper than the competition.”
  3. Make your customer’s lives easier: “Too hot to bake, but having company? Pick up one of these special summer desserts.”
  4. Educate your readers: “Colorful plantings and flowers deer won’t eat.”
  5. Share your passion: “Six things that make us proud of our coffee.”
  6. Help your customers stay organized. “Get your car ready for winter with our checklist.”

Your customers will thank you for it.