Published Work

Some of my specialities include retailreal estate and development,  pet care, business and personal profiles, senior living, home and family, and association magazines. Upon request, I can also direct you to samples of web sites and corporate blog posts I have written.

Association magazines

Humane Society of the United States:  What’s your Magic Number?, 2014

Massachusetts Association of Realtors: Marketing Green Homes, 2014

Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Joe:  The Sandwich Advantage, 2016

Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Joe: C-Stores Stir Coffee Competition, p 2, 3. 2016

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Model Retailer: Are You Ready to Ante Up?  2015

Paint and Decorating Retailer, The Art of Brainstorming, 2013

The Costco Connection: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie with a Bed of their Own, June 2015

Model Retailer: Collaborating on Success, 2015

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Real estate and development

REALTOR® Magazine: Multifamily Sector Embraces Green Movement, 2014

Bay State Apartment Owner: Caring for the Underserved, 2014

Banker & Tradesmen: Leading by Example, June 2008

Bay State Apartment Owner: Subprime crisis: a mixed blessing for the rental market, Winter, 2008

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Pet care

USA Today’s Pet Guide: A Good Cause, p2, p3,  2016  Feline Stomatitis

USA Today: A Happy Ending to Turf Wars, Spring/Summer 2013

Animal Planet:  Does my Dog Know I’m Pregnant?

Family Circle:Bug off!, August, 2012

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Chase:  Secrets of Dog Training, from One of Hollywood’s Best

Model Retailer: Collaborating on Success, 2016

Chase:  Rescue Dog Finds Perfect Owner: Joel Silverman

Massachusetts Lawyer’s Journal: President Sheff Profile, 2014

Banking New York: New York Community Bancorp: A Consistent Leader with a Targeted Nichepart 2, July/August 2012

Home and Family

USA Today’s Back to School:  Powering Down, p2, 2016

USA Today’s Home Magazine: Family Room with a View, 2016

USA Today’s Home Magazine: Homegrown Know-How, 2016

USA Today’s Home Magazine:  Wine Country Elegance, 2014

Paint and Decorating Retailer: Wall Coverings are Alive and Well, 2014  Proms, Parties, and Teen Drivers, 2015

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