Are you holding your customers’ interest?

Years ago, I played a video game where you ran up and down a line of fish, dropping food into their open mouths. If you did well, more fish appeared, eager for more food. The longer you lasted, the bigger a fish you’d become, with more lives and cool things at your disposal.

But if you stopped feeding the fish, they went away, and the game was over.

Marketing isn’t easy for today’s small business owner. You can’t just by tossing out the occasional ad in the paper, or TV commercial, and keep your customers happy.

Instead you need to keep providing fresh, informative content. Maybe it’s blog that explains educates and entertains. Maybe it’s a seasonal email newsletter that reminds customers about upcoming needs. Or, maybe it’s a YouTube video that answers common questions.

If customers like your content, they’ll stick around you, waiting for more. If it continues to be interesting and useful, customers will tell their friends, who they also come to you to see you.

What are your customers looking for?

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