Does your business have a good writer?

Staying in touch with your customers is key to your business’ success. Before a new customer approaches you, they’re going to visit your web site or read your blog and social media activity. Once you’ve made contact with a customer, you need to stay in their minds by sending email, newsletters, or product news.  If you sell a product, you need to be sure they’ll find supporting documentation on your web site.

Of course, if you’re busy running your business, it’s difficult to find the time to write all these things.

That’s were I can help. I have worked as a professional writer for almost twenty years. I specialize in working with small businesses to get their voice heard, both online and in print. I work with businesses in and around the Boston area, as well as nation wide.

My services range from writing content for your web site or blog, composing marketing email blasts, ghostwriting articles for your local newspaper or industry publications, or writing newsletters or press releases to keep you in your customers’ mind.

Thanks for visiting, and please look around to learn more about the services I offer and view some samples of my work.

Swanson Writing Services
Specializing in small business communications.