There’s new demand for quality writing.

Without even realizing it, people today are reading much more than they used to.  They’re reading social media updates on their phone, and browsing websites and popular blogs during their lunch break.  They’re flipping through email to read newsletters that catch their eye.  After perusing the print version of their favorite magazine or newspaper, they’ll look to the online version between issues, to see what’s new.

Today’s reader is demanding.  Whether it’s a blog post or a magazine article, it has only a few seconds to draw in the reader before they go off and look for something else to read.  This success or failure depends on the writing; readers insist on information that’s clear, compelling, and quickly delivers what was promised.

Whether you’re a business owner trying to spread your message, or a publication seeking to satisfy your readers, today more than ever you need a solid, proven writer.

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