I write content that creates loyal customers.

Do you ever wonder what your customers are doing?

Chances are, they’re reading – social media, websites, blogs, articles, newsletters. They’re searching for information about their problem or current interest. If you provide the knowledge they’re after, you’ve attracted their curiosity in your brand.

Businesses today face a demanding audience. Not only do your customers want information, but if it’s not fast, clear, and interesting – all that, within a matter of seconds – they may click away.

So what do you do? You need a writer who knows how to create content that will grab your audience’s attention, engage their interest, and further your brand recognition.

I am a Hubspot inbound certified content marketing writer with over twenty years of professional writing experience. I’ll create web content, blog posts, social media updates, email and more that will deliver the right information to your customer. I’ll help you plan your content strategy, determining the best outlets to use and what information to share.

Whether you’re a national brand, an entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, I’ll help you deliver engaging content that customers will turn to, again and again.

The following are a some brands that have used my work; for samples, see my see my Published Work page.

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